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My passion is making client's ideas become reality on walls. Every piece is designed by me, with the customer having the opportunity to tweak as needed to ensure it fits the bill. I will always give my honest professional opinion about what will work and what will not, as my number one priority is customer satisfaction. 

I am a Mural Artist who was based in Bolton, Manchester until recently. I currently work all of the UK, nationwide. The majority of my work lately has been murals for large business, but I work on smaller scale projects too such as murals in homes. To see a list of some of my clients click here.

I use Airbrush and water based paints primarily, but also spray cans and brushes. The great thing about Airbrush and spray cans is I can work on any surface. You will not get the same level of dust with airbrush than spray cans and I can paint a line as thin as a hair. I also use brushes on certain projects, depending on the style of the mural. 

I have not flooded the website with my whole portfolio, but if you wish to see more then check out my Facebook or Instagram

If you are a business or a domestic client looking to enquire please click here, and if you fill in the form I will get back to you with a Quote. 

Adam Pekr holding his Iwata airbrush
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