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Image of a student painting using airbrush with the teacher behind him, both wearing 3m face masks.

Airbrush Mentoring with Adam

With 18 years of experience in airbrush, I am excited to share my knowledge with professionals and hobbyists alike, in bespoke 1-2-1 sessions tailored to the client's own context and needs. 

Want to learn new skills or add to your repertoire?

Whilst there are many videos on YouTube you can watch on airbrushing techniques, there is no replacement for the undivided attention of a professional airbrush artist who can respond and demonstrate to your personal progression. 

Many people are surprised, if not overwhelmed by the technical needs of the airbrush, from set up to maintenance. Keeping your airbrush in top condition and having a faultless cleaning regime is paramount for your painting results. I share with each student the key to consistent results, as refined over the past 18 years. 

If you have always wanted to try the airbrush, but don't have the equipment yet, you can have a fun day trying it out, learning the foundations and I will share my recommendations for equipment, paints and more. 

I am currently based in Staffordshire so you can come to my current studio space, or I can travel to you. From April 2023, I will be travelling Europe for three months, so whether you are in Czechia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France or Portugal, do not hesitate to contact me. From August 2023 I will be back in the UK. 

If you are already airbrushing and have a specific question or technique you would like to explore, it may also be possible to arrange a Zoom Consultation.

To enquire further about pricing and availability you can drop me an email on the button below, or find my phone number at the bottom of the page and drop me a WhatsApp. 


I recently completed an Inkversion “Airbrush Essentials” course, hoping to rapidly improve the quality of my miniature painting for Warhammer figures. Adam gave me immediate confidence by taking me through how to clean and maintain my airbrush - even spotting and fixing a couple of things that needed rectifying after I’d had a play the day before!


Adam then took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve with my miniature painting and gave me clear and expert instruction. By the end of the session, I knew how to properly thin any paint (even my normal Citadel ones!), keep the airbrush unclogged and how I could control the flow of paint accurately.


His expert tuition meant that by the end of the course, I was way more confident and had much better control over the paint flow. I’ve been able to immediately put this to use across a range of practice exercises he left me with, and within a week I’ve had amazing results on larger test miniatures.


It was an absolutely invaluable session that’s really given me a solid foundation to develop my own skillset and miniature painting approach from.


I recently completed an introduction to airbrushing course with Adam (InkVersion) .. after following his artwork journey for some time, I was keen to learn about water-based paints in particular and how to best go about learning the process of airbrushing. It was a little bit mind blowing how extensive Adams knowledge is, and also his talent with using the equipment, he is very humble and such a great teacher. There is so much to take in but with Adams natural way of teaching the time just vanishes and even though I have learnt enough to get me started I will definitely be back to make use of his more advance classes in the not too distant future when I'm a little bit better. I would give x10 stars if I could, fully recommend , thanks again!


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