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It's not all about airbrush murals!

Whilst I use airbrush for the majority of murals, I do also paint by hand with a brush for certain projects that lend themselves to it. Let's see why...

I have always loved realism, and having started painting with airbrush when I was 18 it is definitely my speciality. Some people think it is the same as spray guns used to paint kitchens and windows, and whilst they are very similar, the Iwata airbrush guns I use are specially designed for artists. I can paint the finest detail with them as well as covering large surface areas too.

This works great for trompe l'oeil murals and all the projects where it is close to photorealistic, and the graffiti style murals too. But sometimes the nature of the design needs a brush and with this brings a completely different energy.

One project I painted completely with brushes was this at Berkeley Nursing Home for Cuerden Care in Wigan, for the reception area where it was not possible for me to use airbrush:

Linework ceiling

Valette Square had a clear vision for this project and I loved working with the geometric and yet flowing lines of this piece. Painting murals on ceilings is always fun, but this one brought a meditative quality to my days working on it.

It's not all lines and block colour with brushes...

I could, of course use brushes for every mural I do, however the length of time it would take me for realism projects makes it financially prohibitive for most people. Airbrush brings great results and quickly.

At the Avenham Ward (Chorley and South Ribble NHS) this room could not become a dedicated working space for me, as patients needed full time access, so I had to use brushes. It was such a pleasure to do this work and include details that had come up in conversations with staff and patients.

If you would like to discuss a mural for your home or business, drop me an email and we can discuss if airbrush or brushes is the best way forward for your project.

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