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Freedom Organics

Organic Vegan Cafe in Darwen with good vibes only and some pretty awesome murals if I do say so myself!

Once upon a time...

Back in 2015 We had a studio in Darwen and Vicky had started making juices and soups and selling them on the local market. She has continued to grow and it was such a privilege to adorn the walls of her next, expanded eatery.

Vicky had a clear idea of what she liked, and what she didn't and as you can see the murals have a bold illustrative style.

Freedom Organics

What you can expect from this high vibing establishment:

  • Loose Organic produce

  • Vegan hot meals and salads and wraps

  • Loose leaf teas and Ethical Barista Coffee

  • A warm welcome!

  • Raw chocolate and delicious desserts

  • Fresh cold-pressed juices

We adore this place! Go check them out for yourselves, They are on Duckworth Street in Darwen and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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