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Adam discussing Design ideas with a client

The most important part, YOUR tattoo design. No-one elses. We do have people come to us with pictures of someone else’s tattoo saying ‘I want that’. We do not just copy someone else’s tattoo, this isn’t fair to the artist who designed that tattoo, the customer who already has it, or you who is going to have the same as someone else!

We custom design tattoos, we can create similar images if necessary but we don’t blind copy.

The design process should be a collaboration between tattoo artist and client, and this is exactly what happens. Typically the client will send us some reference images, a description of what they want and where and then we create a design around this. We then show you what we are doing, using references or sketches and the client has input throughout the process, tweaking the design as appropriate. Once we have completed the design, you the customer will sign it off to say you are happy with it and then it’s just a case of getting on with the tattoo on the day. This process usually happens 3 weeks before the appointment, and we can only work on a design once a booking has been made and a deposit received. On many designs the placement of certain elements and colours etc can be decided on the day when you have the stencil on and you have a clear idea of what it looks like on the body.

One of the challenges is that we show you a flat image of the design but of course once on the body it looks different. This is where we come in, you have to trust that when looking at the flat design we know how it will work on the skin. So that means, sometimes, what the customer thinks will work in theory does not in practice, and we will be honest about this.

We can go through many tattoo design processes online, using email or messenger to go back and forth sending images. Of course some people prefer to come into studio to discuss, both are fine but if you can give us a ring before coming into studio that would be ideal, so we can try to find a time when Adam does not have to come away from a client.



6 thoughts on “Your Tattoo Design

  • I am looking to get a new tattoo with a red panda, phoenix and a cherry blossom tree. I was thinking of it going down my back and round the right side of my body and finishing at the right hand side of my stomach.

    • Hi Sue, Thanks for your message. The best way to move forwards would be to pop into the studio to discuss, we are open Thursday-Sunday 10:00-17:00.

  • Hey 🙂 I am new to the area and am looking to getting a new tattoo. Was wondering whether you charge a certain amount per hour or does it depend on the design? I’d like to get a tattoo of a nintendo 64 controller pad on my upper arm and have read that you do custom designs? What would be the best way to contact you, thanks 🙂

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for your message. We would need you to pop into the studio to discuss your requirements so please do so when convenient for you, we are open Thursday-Sunday.

    • No, it is illegal even with consent to tattoo any person under 18. We recommend you wait as no reputable studio would tattoo a minor.

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