Wall Murals


hogwarts mural

Airbrushing direct onto a wall offers a great number of advantages. It opens up a world of realism that moves past that on canvas or art board. Airbrush does not give off any noxious fumes, there is no dust and it dries instantly, so no down time required. Pricing is upon FREE CONSULTATION (in your own home or business if within 30 miles of Bolton) and the level of detail is the main contributor to the price, as well as size.

We work with both domestic and commercial clients, turning ideas into realities.

Domestic Clients

We can transfer one wall, or a whole room into a magical Kingdom for your child, or a calming scene for the grown ups to relax after work. There is no limitation to the scale of the work, so whether you would like a small or large piece, we will work alongside your requirements and budget.

Airbrush works on ANY SURFACE so the possibilities are endless- a galaxy on your ceiling, a woodland scene in your dining room or a serene waterfall in your bathroom. Condensation does not affect airbrush paint so you don’t need to worry about the piece being compromised.

We work flexibly around the clients schedule, so we can work evenings, daytimes or weekends to cause the least disruption.

Here is a playlist of murals we have done, in time-lapse form :

Commercial Clients

We understand that lack of disruption is a priority for most businesses, which is why our Airbrush medium is perfect. It is instantly dry and there are no nasty fumes, meaning we can work efficiently without any requirement of the business to close operation whilst the work is taking place. We also work flexibly around clients finding a time which works best for them, daytime, evening or weekend.

Having unique artwork has a number of benefits for businesses: original artwork can set the tone for a productive and enjoyable workplace. It can reinforce branding and a businesses mission statement and it also offers a sense of individuality. The use of colour to influence client behaviour is well documented.

Adam has a fantastic versatility of styles, owed to working for 2 years to client specifications, so whether you want Graffiti/Street art style or Photorealism, Adam thrives on creating the best quality artwork with exceptional detail.

We work with the client’s specification to create something unique, fitting and effective whatever the purpose of the Wall art or mural.

Here are some timelapse videos of a large mural project for Chinese Restaurant: Kong San in Clitheroe:

We love what we do and thrive upon new challenges and exceeding expectations.

To see examples of  Wall Mural projects please see our Gallery.

Why not drop us a line with your idea and we can start a conversation?


If you were looking for a piece to be created on Canvas/Art board please see this page