Custom Sneakers/Apparel

customised toddler nikes

We can customise shoes of all sizes to your specification. Whether they are toddler trainers which you would like graffiti’d with the child’s name or a full design to transform the shoes into a scene, we can do it! The Sneakers are triple lacquered and finished in a shoe protection spray to protect from wear and tear so you don’t need to be worried about the paint coming off!

We find the easiest way for clients is to send us the shoes, we transform them and send them back. The only limit is your (or our) imagination! Don’t worry if you do not have a clear idea of what you would like- we can discuss this with you and develop the idea together.

If the client provides the shoe prices start at £50 for baby/kid shoes and £80 a pair for adults (excluding postage).

If you would like some custom sneaks then do not hesitate in contacting us at


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