SuperBee- Bee in the City

Now the trail is live I can finally share with you my SuperBee as part of Bee in the City 2018- a public art trail across Manchester. My SuperBee was sponsored by Rayburn Trading and can be found on New Cathedral street, outside ‘Zara’.

The idea behind my design was to explore the Bee as protector, not only of Manchester but of our planet. Hence him as a superhero!

The trail is on until 23rd September and then the bees will be auctioned off for Charity (We Love Manchester charity). It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in this project. To find maps for the trail visit

Take a look at how I brought SuperBee to life here:

If you are on instagram- please check out @superbeemcr as there are various competitions for tagging your selfie with SuperBee etc

4 thoughts on “SuperBee- Bee in the City

  1. From the foot hills of the Pennines we, a family of 14 – three mums, three dads, two grand parents and six kids made our way to Manchester to see the bees. “Let’s all choose a favourite from what we see”, and guess what? – 14 of us choose Super Bee. Here’s hoping he wings his way into Lancashire after next Wednesday’s auction and joins our family of bee lovers. Well done Manchester and well done Adam.

    1. Thank you very much. I am so glad that you connected with my SuperBee so much. I am not sure if I can make it to the auction yet due to other projects but I am trying my best to make it. I really hope you do win it and please get in touch if you do as it would be great to meet you, see the bee in situ etc. Adam

      1. Not able to secure Super Bee, but delighted with the monies raised for Charity. We are hoping to see more of your work at Media City shortly!!!

        1. Thank you, it was amazing how much money was raised. Just finishing my Snowman today and look forward to seeing it as part of the Snowman trail!

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